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Manage YOUR shoulder pain!

What do we know about shoulder pain? We know it's very common! Whether you are on a computer in an office, in a warehouse/onsite using machinery or regularly participate in sporting activities you may have likely experienced some form of pain in the shoulder.

We also know its very common to have a shoulder 'problem' but without the pain. Of all the people with rotator cuff tears well over 60% of them do not experience pain. How great is that! It tells us that shoulder pain is very easily manageable assuming we have ruled out anything nasty.

The shoulder joint is one of the most mobile joints of the body, and rightfully so. Its designed to help our arms reach for and carry items well above our head.

Shoulder pain can rarely be brought down to one thing or two things. Barring trauma, we find that aspects of what we do as well as our environment is what drives our pain. Repetitive movements under load is the most common point brought up but factors such as; sleep, diet, lifestyle, smoking and drinking have to be taken into account. Otherwise the Australian national cricket team wouldn't be bowling hundreds of times a day. Being great athletes, they are very in tune with their bodies and are able to keep up with the demands.

And that's the key! Being in tune with your shoulder.

If we are able to identify what movements or loads trigger our pain. We can then modify our day to day tasks to accommodate for the shoulder and let it calm down! Manual therapy, ice and heat and on the fair occasion as advised by your GP; oral medication are also great adjuncts to managing pain. The shoulder has loads of movement, some of these movements will be pain free. And that's where we can begin an exercise program that will bring about confidence and strength in the shoulder.

If you know your shoulder well, you will surely be able to adhere to the above! All it takes is the right guidance and perseverance!

I hope you guys enjoyed this blog! By all means feel free to get in touch with me at Nabhan Khan Physiotherapy if you have any questions what so ever. I'm all ears!

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