We are a provider of occupational health services to enterprises that have a common goal towards zero injuries within their labour force. Our philosophy is that injury free work spaces are achieved through proactive and early intervention measures.  


COVID - 19 

Fighting COVID-19 requires everyone in the community to work together and flatten the curve. For all worksites to stay operational it is important to take the most appropriate measures to prevent and mitigate risks of infection.  

NKP workplace solutions now offers body temperature checks for worksites. These services will extend to any third party labour hire team, contractor, supplier or visitor for the location. This ties in with the ethos of NKP workplace solutions that prevention and proactivity is better than reaction.  Regular temperature checks can help fight the spread of COVID – 19 and ties in strongly with NKP Workplace solutions ethos of preventative and proactive measures over reactionary interventions.

Please email for detailed procedures regarding COVID - 19. 



White Cream


General practitioners and nurses have been called to the front line.

Allied health professionals are next in line to assist industries with infection control measures and help flatten the curve.